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The facility is on the main Pingelly-Bullaring road. The road is sealed and bitumen roads provide access to most surrounding towns. Freight service is by road using pocket road trains in the shire of Pingelly and surrounding shires.

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Safety and Standards

Each upgrade of the facility has been completed to the highest standards of safety. There have been no industrial accidents causing injury to staff since the business was commenced.


Tamma Grains (and the Packer name) has built a reputation for honesty and integrity with both growers and the end user (feed mills, flour mills, malsters etc.) both in W.A., interstate and overseas.


Over the years Tamma Grains has been in business it has proven its ability to both receive and store grain. Even with rather primitive facilities in the early years, all obligations were met and all promises to farmers and end users honoured. The modern facilities now in place only enhance the ability to handle large tonnages of grain.

Grain Segregation

Due to the cell type nature of the facility there is the ability to store smaller tonnages of different varieties of grain if requested. This has suited existing clients where their needs require a certain protein or variety. Twenty segregations are now in place to achieve this.


Tamma Grains markets grain globally which includes an ever expanding market and relationship with China.

Grain Boxing

Tamma Grains has been boxing grain over the past five years for its own markets, together with a rapidly increasing amount for customers Australia wide . These boxes are shipped to different countries around the world. The containerizing of grains has now become a very integral part of our business.

Grain Prices

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Tamma Grains has had a long-standing relationship with Barrett Burston Malting to purchase malt barley at the most competitive prices available. This season, we have confirmed that Sudima will be bidding for feed barley delivered Tamma Grains. Prices and further details will be available soon.


Sudima will be posting bid prices delivered Tamma on some wheat grades including H1, H2, APW1, APW2, ASW1, and GP1. Pricing will be available soon on our bid sheet, or please contact us for further information.


At the present time, Tamma Grains Australia is not currently in the market for canola.


Sudima will be posting bid prices delivered Tamma Grains on OAT1 and OAT2 this season. Please contact us for further information.

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